Advertiser Screenshots and Quotes (trigger warning)


These are just some of the advertisers who were featured on the page before it was whitelisted on 7 October 2011.

Each advertiser was contacted and their responses are printed below.

Click on images to enlarge.

Heinz: HP Sauce

o2/Barclays/John Lewis


National Lottery/The White Company

Ancestry UK


No response received


Barclays has contacted Facebook to ensure that all its advertising on this page is removed and so not associated with the content


Groupon is contacting Facebook to have our advert removed from this page.

HP sauce:

HP Facebook advertising was stopped on 20 September.

Going forward we would not allow our advertising to appear alongside this sort of page.

John Lewis:

Unfortunately, we cannot control what pages people are viewing on Facebook. We do not display advertising on Facebook by selecting particular pages, instead the adverts target people using a range of factors such as demographic, location, interest, professional or educational history. However, we take the issue of inappropriate content very seriously and have been reassured that this particular page no longer carries any advertising and we will continue to be in contact with Facebook to ensure this remains the case.


We don’t agree with the views of members of the Facebook page you have drawn to our attention.

National Lottery

Clearly we have a strong interest in maintaining the long-term healthy reputation of the National Lottery – the licence with Camelot requires them to not do anything that would place that reputation in jeopardy. We will investigate the issue with Camelot to understand better what has occurred

PepsiCo (Sunbites):

We can confirm that our advert has since been removed from this Facebook page.

The White Room:

We utterly condemn any page which promotes hatred, prejudice or violence, and would urge facebook to take action against the instigators of such pages and to have them removed from the site. Whilst we believe that facebook self-polices issues like this most of the time, we would urge them to take appropriate action to allow advertisers to filter-out problem page


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